What we do

Good Energy Management Ltd. is a young, visionary, committed to the environment and the communities where we work and live company. In our common quest to improve living conditions, we amend life in those places where we intervene, aiming at a clean and sustainable enviroment.

Our ultimate goal is to generate, distribute and market electricity produced through renewable energy sources. Initially our activity is focused on small and medium-sized Run-of-the-river plants, which are considered clean and renewable source of electric energy.

We are also evaluating the various sources of clean energy provided by scientific advances, with the aim to develop them for the future of our country. Thus we have been studying the technology of Syngas (or synthesis gas), which is the generation of electricity from all sorts of waste, whether municipal, residential, industrial, etcetera. The process develops in the absence of oxygen so it does not emit any pollution into the air and it uses 99% of the caloric power of matter.

We hope to soon have results of our evaluations.

Renewable energy

They are considered as renewable energy, resources generated from its constitution that is self-regenerating or not "exhausted" over time and, by extension, do not affect natural resources for future generations. These resources include solar, wind, currents and water masses, the organic waste material, the heat from the interior of the earth,...more



Hydro-power is the kind of energy that transforms the gravitational potential energy, which is owned by the water bodies in height, to kinetic energy when it exceeds certain unevenness, this kinetic energy is converted into electricity through an electrical generator through the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. For its implementation is essential the existence...more